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Rauner Leaves No Digital Trail

Feb 24, 2016

Governor Rauner during a stop in Bloomington
Credit Jim Browne / WGLT

Journalists in Illinois have come up short trying to get information about Governor Bruce Rauner's state email.

The governor has now given his explanation why.

State transparency laws mean requests for emails in which Rauner had done state business should have yielded something. Unless, of course, even in this age of digital everything, there aren't any. "I have no email. None whatsoever," Governor Rauner said.

Rauner says an email-free existence has improved his quality of life."Email causes all kinds of trouble, as you've seen. (REPORTER LAUGHTER) And people send out spams, send emails, copy, forward, nothing good comes from that," Rauner said.

Rauner said he communicates entirely over the phone or in person. In that regard, the governor shares something with his political nemesis. House Speaker Michael Madigan also operates email-free.