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Rauner Readies His State Of The State Speech

Jan 26, 2016

Governor Rauner at his inauguration Jan. 12, 2015
Credit Staff Sgt Lealan Bueher / Illinois Air National Guard

Wednesday Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will deliver his second annual state of the state address. If you're curious about what Rauner will say, you're not alone. So is Senate President John Cullerton.

"Eager to hear what the governor's plans are on Wednesday, but it's in bad shape, and we want to change it."

Cullerton, a Democrat, sums up the status of the state right now this way.

"Social service programs are suffering. High school counselors are telling the seniors not to go to school in Illinois because we haven't funded our schools. We have a growing deficit. We have been downgraded. And that is not a business friendly environment in my opinion."

It's been nearly eight months since Illinois had a budget. Earlier this week, the governor called that an "outrage."

"It's inexcusable for us to not have a budget by now."

Rauner says he's committed to his plans for fundamental change.