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Rauner To Spend Millions To Help GOP Chances In November

Aug 12, 2018

Gov. Bruce Rauner is spending millions of his own dollars to help fellow Republicans in the November election.

Rauner won't predict how many seats the GOP might be able to gain in the state legislature, but he said the stakes have never been higher.

“I can’t make any predictions at this point, but (in) this election, everything is on the line,” Rauner declared. “The future of our children is on the line.”

The Chicago Tribune reports Rauner plans to donate $4 million from his own personal wealth to House Republicans and $1 million to Erika Harold's campaign for Illinois attorney general. She's running against Democratic State Sen. Kwame Raoul.

Rauner added he's looking for more reformers in Springfield.

“There are some good honest Democrats too who say privately they’d love to see (House Speaker Mike) Madigan gone. We need to get them some support,” Rauner said. “But we also need to get Republicans into office and there are more than a dozen that are ready to fight and make the changes we need.”

Rauner's said he's looking for candidates who will back term limits and try to oust Madigan as speaker.

Rauner was in Normal on Saturday to sign a craft beer bill at Destihl Brewery.

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