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Redbird Rising Reaches $135M; Goal 'In Sight'

Jan 11, 2019

Illinois State University is 90 percent of the way toward its $150 million fundraising goal.

Vice President for University Advancement Pat Vickerman said Redbird Rising saw a major end-of-the-year push, raising $4 million in December alone, to reach the $135 million plateau.

“People are winding down, they are reflective, there may be a tax incentive there to get a year-end gift, but typically we see many gifts coming in (at the end of the year),” Vickerman said.  

The campaign raised money through a private phase for four years before going public in September 2017.

Vickerman is optimistic the campaign will reach its goal with time to spare.

“To be at $135 million with 18 months remaining, our target of $150 million is clearly in sight and we fully expect to exceed that number and to generate additional funds that will help this university rise to higher levels."

Vickerman said concerns about college accessibility has made student scholarships the most popular choice among donors to fund.

The campaign has $58.5 million dedicated for students, $51.7 million for program development, $15.4 million for facilities and $9.6 million for faculty.

The campaign has attracted 46,000 donors, including about 17,700 new donors.

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