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Reilly Laments Need For Loan To Vocational Program

Jun 16, 2017

District 87 Schools handle the financial record keeping for the area vocational program and have loaned the program close to $250,000.
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District 87 Schools in Bloomington have loaned the area vocational education program close to a quarter million dollars.

District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly said it's a shame that's necessary because of the state budget deadlock. Reilly also said District 87's interest rates are climbing because the state bonds are near junk status.

"It's almost unfair and it goes right back to the fact the state has not done its job. And to me it's inexcusable. Everybody knows that. Even the legislators know that. And yet, they still don't get it done," said Reilly.

Reilly said it's not unusual for District 87 to make a loan to the vocational program because of cash flow and the timing of state payments. But, this year the loan is four times larger than normal because the state isn't paying much at all.

"It's a shame the school district has to float a loan to another organization so that they can take care of their business," said Reilly.

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