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Reilly: We're Expecting Everyone To Come Back

District 87's Superintendent Barry Reilly said Bloomington should maintain staffing levels next school year.

The School Board met Wednesday evening to discuss a possible reduction of force if funds are not available to retain all teachers and staff. Reilly said while the future of state funding is cloudy, an increase in local revenue from higher property values helps the District remain stable. 

District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly.
Credit WGLT Staff

"Those things help me to become a little more optimistic about things down the road because we rely much more on our local resources than the state, or federal resources," said Reilly. "Hopefully that's something we'll see continue in future years." 

Local revenues increased for the District following a small jump in Bloomington's property values. Reilly said this helped lower taxes for city residents. 

"It went down two cents," said Reilly. "People are always pleased when we can keep our rates low. Anytime we can see that decrease we're pleased to do our part to help the taxpayers as well." 

Reilly said there are less than 10 teachers and staff members on the lay-off notice. 

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