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Rep. Rodney Davis' Sister Among D. C. Protesters

Jan 17, 2017

Katie Bergethon displays a poster she created for Saturday's Women's March in Washington
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Among the Springfield-area women traveling to Washington D. C. to take part in the women's march Saturday is the sister of a U. S. Representative that serves part of McLean County.

The rally is set for Saturday, the day after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.  Organizers say while it's a protest, it will also be used to send a message to the new administration. 

They say it's not just about women's rights, but human rights.  It's bringing together activists and those who have been less outspoken, like Debbie Bandy of Springfield. She is related to central Illinois Republican congressman Rodney Davis.

"Yes I am his sister. I love him dearly.  He is my baby brother, but we do have different political beliefs in some areas. In others, we have similar political beliefs.  I can't let that get in the way of me doing what I think needs to be done to preserve and protect our precious democracy," said Bandy.

Bandy will be among a group traveling by bus to Washington.  Rallies will also be held Saturday in communities across the state and the country.

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