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Residents Reach Out To Representatives

Grassroots organizations are popping up in many places trying to oppose the agenda of President Donald Trump. 

Among them is one called the Indivisible 18, a chapter of a nationwide group.

Bloomington residents from the 18th congressional district gathered at U.S. Representative Darin LaHood's office Thursday to express concerns over President Trump's immigration ban. 

Politically-active residents are speaking out against elected officials.
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Bloomington resident Kay Moss comes from a military family. Moss said she worries about the country's safety under Trump.

"When executive orders are unvetted, when he tweets about putting Iran on notice, when he hangs up on one of our staunchest allies," said Moss. "This puts our military, our sons and our daughters in jeopardy." 

Moss said she is also concerned over Trump's use of executive orders and she calls for a more measured decision-making process by the nation's leaders. 

"When you take council with Steve Bannon rather than with your homeland security, you are going to be making decisions that are unnecessary," said Moss. "Then we have marches in the streets, chaos in the airports, and now a campus riot last night." 

The group met with Congressman LaHood's staff. LaHood was not present. 

The media was told my a representative of LaHood's staff that they would not be able to attend the meeting

Editor's Note: This story was edited at 5:01 pm, Feb. 6, 2017 to correctly reflect who barred the media from attending the meeting.