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Retiring Peterson: 'It's Time For New Leadership'

Aug 8, 2017

Normal City Manager Mark Peterson said Tuesday he still loves his job. He still finds it fun. He still has projects he wants to accomplish. Yet Peterson is retiring in eight months.

Peterson said that's not a contradiction.

"I think it's just a good time for the organization. And I really mean that. Twenty years is a long time to be city manager. I've been here 30. I really do believe that it's time for new leadership, some new energy, new ideas, new vision, that I believe will take the town to a new level of success," Peterson said on GLT's Sound Ideas.

Peterson choked up when recounting how much he has benefited from the people around him at the town.

"Getting the right people in the right places, giving them the tools and the resources that they need to be successful and and letting them be successful, getting out of their way. Probably, as I look back, if there is anything that I am particularly proud of, it's the staff," said Peterson.

He also praised the elected officials over the years which have given staff space to be creative and visionary about projects. He said the leap of faith required to accept efforts such as Uptown Normal redevelopment in 1998 and 1999 is rare among city councils.

Peterson has overseen many developments including the Constitution Trail, the rescue of the Camelback Bridge, the Normal Theater, Uptown Normal redevelopment, and Uptown Station.

You can also listen to GLT's full interview with Peterson:

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