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Sandage Runs For 2nd Term As McLean Co Sheriff

Jun 22, 2017

Sandage has announced his candidacy for McLean County Sheriff on the GOP ticket.
Credit Jon Sandage

McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage is running for re-election. Sandage cited achievements in increasing drug enforcement efforts as a reason he hopes people will vote for him again.

"We have dedicated another detective to our detective division and started running narcotics cases out of our detective division. We have also added a K-9 unit to the patrol division and we are working a lot more drug interdiction details," said Sandage.

To boost his own department's work on drugs inside the county, Sandage said he has, over the last year and a half, reduced McLean County's participation in the interagency Drug Task Force 6. He said the Sherifff's office continues to cooperate and partner in investigations, but no longer contributes manpower. Sandage said 'doubling down' on efforts on drug enforcement has led to a 54% increase in drug arrests in 2016.

Sandage said he also wants to continue working on the big picture issues and services that have come to the fore during his first term.

"I just want to continue on the progress we have made, not only on the jail expansion but with the mental health issues we have had," said Sandage.

He said the department has doubled the amount of mental health counseling hours in the detention facility by doing away with a contract counseling service and hiring an in house counselor at no additional cost.

Sandage said he also secured more than $900,000 in grant funding to replace an aging radio system.

Sandage said the Sheriff’s Office has also had a deputy trained as an Elderly Services Officer to better educate and assist the elderly about financial scams.

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