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Schock Admits Illegal Contribution Request For Kinzinger

Oct 25, 2016

GLT News Director Willis Kern interviews Aaron Schock before his resignation
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Former Congressman Aaron Schock has admitted illegally soliciting a large campaign donation for a candidate in the 2012 GOP primary contest.

Schock has agreed to pay a ten thousand dollar civil penalty.

Schock asked then Representative Eric Cantor to give twenty-five-thousand-dollars to a Super PAC helping Adam Kinzinger win his primary fight against Representative Don Manzullo in northern Illinois. That's five times the legal size limit which is imposed to prevent the perception of undue influence.

Schock also arranged for a twenty-five-thousand-dollar matching donation to the PAC from the Peoria County Republican Party, though Schock did not admit sole responsibility for that request.

Kinzinger went on to win. Watchdog groups complained right after the primary, and it has taken the government four years to resolve the case.
This case is unrelated to later questions about Schock's use of taxpayer money that lead to his resignation.