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Senator Brady Advances To Deputy GOP Leader

Jan 11, 2017

Bill Brady (left) with GLT's Charlie Schlenker
Credit Staff / WGLT

State Senator Bill Brady, (R) Bloomington, is now on a higher rung of Senate leadership.

Minority Leader Christine Radogno has picked Brady as Deputy Leader, his first time in that role.

Brady has served on the leadership team for the GOP Caucus before.

"I am very honored and humbled to be appointed to this position. I have always had great respect for Leader Radogno and look forward to supporting her and our Republican Caucus to move Illinois in a forward direction," said Brady.

Brady's 44th district includes parts of the twin cities, and Springfield, Lincoln, Morton, Washington, and Petersburg.

He has run three times for Governor. Brady has served in the Senate for fourteen years and in the house for eight years before that.