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Sidewalk Intersections Frequent Place For Car-Bike Crashes

Nov 10, 2015

A new study says the largest single chunk of bicycle versus auto accidents in Bloomington Normal happen to bicyclists who are using sidewalks. Michael Gorman of the advocacy group Bike BloNo says it's safest for cyclists to behave like motorists and follow the rules of the road on the streets because cyclists are more visible to people around you.

Gorman says bikers are most visible when they are behaving like motorists and following the rules of the road, but car drivers may not notice bikers when the head into an intersection from a sidewalk.

Gorman says the analysis of a year and a half of bicycle and auto crash data show Uptown Normal, Downtown Bloomington, and crossing Veterans Parkway are the hot spots for car-bike mishaps.

He says most of the bikes involved are affordable models bought at department stores.

Gorman says that suggests targeting safety training to the working class who use bikes to get to their jobs, not spandex wearing recreational enthusiasts.

Accidents tend to peak on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Sunday when, Gorman points out, the bus system does not run. The study does not have data or comparisons to other cities on the per capital rate of car v. bike crashes.