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Signs Point To Concessions, Additional Parking At Miller Park Zoo

Dec 19, 2017

Residents and visitors will see some changes in the city of Bloomington's aesthetics next year.

The Bloomington City Council on Monday approved the designs for teal-colored welcoming and wayfinding street signs for downtown after months of redesigning and public input. That was one of several items on the agenda during the council's regular meeting, following a special meeting on the Welcoming City ordinance at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.

Alderman Kim Bray said she's grateful for the Downtown Signage Committee's work.

"Tonight we were so grateful for all the work Signage Committee did picking up on various themes out there in the community and putting together this traditional concept, these colors," Bray said.

Budgeting and planning is expected to be finished in March, and installation would begin next April.

The proposed site plan for changes at Miller Park Zoo, showing more parking and the new concession area.
Credit City of Bloomington

Miller Park Improvements

Aldermen also signed off on a plan for Miller Park Zoo to borrow $900,000 to pay for a new concession area, more parking, and a new roof for its entrance building.

The Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department will begin developing project plans for the improvements. Staff expect the seasonal concession stand bring in $85,000 per year. Zoo visitors won't be allowed to bring in outside food when the concession stand is open.

Bray said the improvements are worth it. 

"By adding some of these amenities it can gain more revenue. And again it will pay for itself, so that's what I think is so winsome about the project," Bray said.

Parks and Rec Director Jay Tetzloff said the department will be able to pay the city back over 15 years. A state grant being considered for the project fell through during the budget deadlock.

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