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SIU Details Budget Cuts

Sep 28, 2015

Southern Illinois University officials have detailed $13.5 million in budget cuts, saying they will affect student-worker positions, research resources and on-campus events. The cuts affect a large cross-section of university departments. SIU spokeswoman Rae Goldsmith says the cuts were unavoidable because of a state budget stalemate and a funding reduction for the school because of lower enrollment this year.  

The school's Morris Library will have nearly $460,000 in reductions, forcing librarians to decide which online database subscriptions to cancel. The school's public radio station, WSIU, is losing $97,000 or 10 percent of its state funding. The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute will absorb about $54,000 in cuts, or about 10 percent of its state funding. That will mean fewer events this year.