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Sloppy Records, Improper Expense Reports Don't Lead To Charges

Jan 9, 2017

Credit Staff / WGLT

The Appellate Prosecutor's Office has declined to file charges against Normal Town Council member Scott Preston for inaccurate travel expense reimbursement reports.

McLean County State's Attorney Jason Chambers had referred the matter to a special prosecutor because of his relationship with Preston and his former tenure on the Council.

Preston acknowledged to GLT last year his frequent tardiness to conferences and extensive room service use.

"This covered about three percent of the total expenses submitted and as soon as I became aware of the errors I reimbursed the town and corrected them" said Preston.

Special Prosecutor Tom Brown wrote in his filing that there is no credible evidence provided to him on which to base a criminal charge.

The Town of Normal tightened its rules on reimbursement for travel expenses and meal costs incurred by Council members. It now appears that move came as a response to questions over spending by Council member Scott Preston over the last three years.

Preston said this is a difficult way to learn a straightforward lesson.

Preston had a history of submitting incomplete receipts, ordering room service and expensive meals while representing the Town. Preston also went to conferences late and still received full reimbursements.

Preston is running for re-election in the April municipal contests.