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Some Illinois GOP Delegates Grumble At Party Division

Jul 13, 2016

Credit Michael Vadon / Flickr

Some Illinois delegates for Donald Trump say they’ll skip next week’s political convention in protest of their own state Republican Party.

Rich Nordstrom won election in the Republican primary to go to next week’s Republican National Convention as a delegate, and officially vote for Donald Trump to be the party’s nominee.

But Nordstrom isn’t sure he’ll go to the convention. He said he’s bothered the top Illinois Republicans, like Governor Bruce Rauner, aren’t going.

"The governor’s the highest-ranking Republican in the state. He should go, in my opinion. He said he’s gonna support Trump, but not real verbally, I’ll tell you that," said Nordstrom.

Rauner has repeatedly refused to talk about Trump’s candidacy.

In a statement, a state Republican Party spokesman says very clearly, the Illinois Republican Party is committed to supporting Donald Trump’s campaign.