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State Farm Adds Guards With Guns

Apr 6, 2018

State Farm Insurance is adding armed guards to its major hubs including Bloomington, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix.

An internal company communication obtained by GLT contends the change is not in response to any specific threat, but meant to conform to industry standards.

"These security updates do not reflect a specific threat or concern. These measures are increasingly common in companies of our size and geographic presence and are simply intended to keep pace with current security standards. We have nothing further to add," said State Farm spokesperson Jim Camoriano.

The Bloomington-based company is considering armed guards for major operations centers in addition to armed security at the hubs, according to the document. Other measures may include more patrols and security presence, and physical changes such as adding turnstiles or revolving doors.

The company said in the March 28 communique that it is not changing a ban on weapons for employees.

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