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Story Slam: The Moon And Lunacy

Jun 13, 2018

Hear five stories about the moon and lunacy from people in Bloomington-Normal.

Ron Hardy tells us a story about the time many years ago when he tried LSD at his own New Year's Eve party. Kristy Zimmerman shares a trip to Mexico about being afraid and overcoming fear. Mark Austill has a story of leading an everyday reasonable life of lunacy. Karla Bailey Smith speaks of losing love and finding new affection under the light of the full moon. And Devon Lovell shares a mystical moonlight experience from a Next to Normal Story Slam.

Lovell has taken to organizing story slams in Bloomington-Normal recently. People get up in front of a small crowd and tell a series of stories from their lives. They have to be true. They have to be personal. And they have to relate to a theme of the evening.

Recently, Lovell paired the stories of these Bloomington-Normal residents with an an art exhibit called "Lunacy" at the McLean County Arts Center, based on the moon and the lunacy it inspires.

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