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Study To Gauge County Government Efficiency

Mar 18, 2016

Credit Ralph Weisheit / Staff

The McLean County League of Women Voters has embarked on a study into local units of government to see if they're efficient, or duplicative.

The League's Sally Rudolph says little duplication or overlaps have shown up, but there have been some interesting examples of cooperation. She says there's a village that has a police force located in a township that does not.

"And that police force patrols the county, I mean the township, excuse me, when needed. Now of course the county sheriff's department comes in here too, when needed. The township doesn't pay for the service but they let them collect any traffic fines that they get, so that's the kind of informal, but really quite effective kind of agreement."

Rudolph says once the study is complete, the League of Women Voters will attempt to reach a consensus, and could recommend action after that. Rudolph also says the League might not be able to reach a consensus, and nothing would be done.