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Study: Slight Enrollment Decline For Unit Five Over 10 Years

Jul 13, 2017

Unit Five grade school enrollment will go down in Bloomington-Normal and high school enrollment will rise for the next few years.

That's according to a new demographic study presented to Unit Five school board members Wednesday night.

Superintendent Mark Daniel said relatively little new housing construction is part of the reason for a slow projected decline in households with school children.

Demographer Jerome McKibben shares his findings of the correlation between the Bloomington-Normal housing market and Unit 5 enrollment.
Credit Baylee Steelman / WGLT

"We have great schools in McLean County," said Daniel. "So, therefore, we are a draw and we hope to continue to be a draw."

Nationwide, the average decrease in enrollment is 10 percent. Daniel said Unit Five's projected drop of less than 1.5 percent is far better than that. 

"That shows us that Bloomington-Normal is still staying above the curve," said Daniel. "And we're seeing continued positive situation for our community."

The study also shows that a large portion of the children born in McLean County are leaving the area after high school. The average age of residents in the Twin Cities will climb from less than 29 to more than 32 over the next eight years. 

The study said that is significant for a college town.

Here's a closer look at projected enrollment in Unit Five, according to the new study. These are forecasts.

Unit Five Enrollment
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