TEDx Speaker Jessica Tenuta | WGLT

TEDx Speaker Jessica Tenuta

Nov 2, 2015

The ones who change the world are the ones brave enough to question it. That's the title of one of the speeches in the upcoming TEDx conference in Normal. All this week, GLT is hearing from TEDx speakers as they talk about disrupting the status quo to "Break Free From Normal."

Charlie Schlenker talks via Skype with the head of design for Packback books, Jessica Tenuta, an Illinois State University graduate. Packback is an innovative start up in education technology that originally focused on costs, and rented textbooks on line by the day to address that issue. Over the last few years, Tenuta says they have come to believe the issues facing education are less about cost and more about a value proposition.

The TEDx Conference is Saturday, November 7 at the Normal Theater. Tickets are sold out. But, the event will be live streamed at the Bloomington Public Library and the Caterpillar Auditorium at ISU.