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Tiritilli Files For Mayor In Normal

Nov 23, 2016

Credit Staff / WGLT

A Bloomington High School Science Teacher said he believes the Town of Normal is heading down an unsustainable path.

Marc Tiritilli has filed petitions to run for Mayor against incumbent Chris Koos.

Tiritilli said the original goal of Uptown renovation was nice, but further commitments to that area need to be slowed down.

"They are committed to Uptown 2.0 which is based on plants that were really forged about 15 years ago. The climate has changed a lot in Bloomington Normal and I don't think our plans are reflecting that. We're 96-million-dollars in debt and growing," said Tiritilli."

Tiritilli said the Town can't go back into the bond market to fund the next stage of Uptown projects without revenue increases or tax hikes. Even with the expense to borrow money fairly low because of interest rates, Tiritilli said he disagrees with that choice.

Tiritilli said he wants to do away with the nearly year old sales tax increase and reduce spending on discretionary projects.

"In my mind we need a significantly lower debt load, ideally zero. That's going to take a long time. We have accumulated this debt over the last ten years and it's going to take decades to pay it off. And I imagine in that time we are going to need other major projects," said Tiritilli.

Tiritilli said if the town does need to borrow it should be for roads, water, and sewer infrastructure.