Train Horn 'Quiet Zone' Suspended As Crews Repair After Derailment | WGLT

Train Horn 'Quiet Zone' Suspended As Crews Repair After Derailment

Feb 23, 2021

More train horns are likely to be heard in Normal over the coming weeks, as crews work to repair damage caused by this month's train derailment.

The Town of Normal is suspending the so-called railroad quiet zone, meaning all trains must blow their horns while traveling through the reconstruction work site.

Normal Communications Director Cathy Oloffson said it's a matter of safety.

“Railroad and contract employees are working on or near the tracks,” Oloffson said. “Trains must alert them as they are coming through town and will continue to do so throughout the reconstruction period."

Repairs are estimated to take several weeks to complete.

The town established the railroad quiet zone in 2018. It will go back into effect when reconstruction work is finished.

No one was injured in the Feb. 13 train derailment. Two subsequent fires broke out in the following days.

Reconstruction work in underway between railroad switches from Fort Jesse Road to Fell Avenue.

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