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Transportation Leader Weighs In On Highway Funding

Oct 13, 2015

Speaking in Normal, the President and CEO of the American Public Transportation Association says he's confident Congress will agree on money for the Highway Trust Fund. Michael Melaniphy says it's an issue that Democrats and Republicans can support.

Authorization to spend money from the Highway Trust Fund will run out on October 29 if no action is taken. The deadline is a result of a three month extension passed last July.

On the topic of infrastructure, Melaniphy said about 15 other countries rate higher than the US.  

Melaniphy said there has been an underinvestment in infrastructure.

When discussing extending the hours of bus services, including Sundays, he said it's something to consider once ridership increases.

Connect Transit riders have been requesting extended hours to accomodate varying working hours and religious services.

Melaniphy spoke after a celebratory luncheon with local public officials, Connect Transit board members, and employees. The bus system received the 2015 Outstanding Public Transit System from the APTA, which was presented last week in San Francisco.