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Trump and BLM Confrontation At ISU

Nov 9, 2016

Chanting "black lives matter" for more than an hour, hundreds of protestors gathered in the ISU Quad in the wake of Donald Trump's election victory.

Student Gene Hoard said they were not happy with President Larry Dietz's appeal for calm in the face of injustice.

"Though the President did issue a statement, it was kind of to pacify people in all honesty. And it wasn't necessarily to better the cause or move it forward. So, we just want to let everyone know that if things don't change we will continue to do things like this," said Hoard.

People who feel marginalized by Donald Trump's victory are vowing to be active.

"This is what's happening when people keep delaying, people like Trump get elected and the Republicans take over the House and Senate because people keep waiting for a change," said Hoard.

It had been a peaceful gathering with a guitar player and speeches, but it turned to angry chants when Donald Trump supporters appeared wearing hats with "Make America Great Again" printed on them.
Mark Salazar of Chicago is a Senior History Major who says he left class wearing his Trump hat and the confrontation just happened.

"This is just the typical leftist. It's just the way they go about doing things. But, people weren't intimidated at the ballot box, yesterday," said Salazar.

Salazar says he's a fan of Trump's anti-immigration policy and protectionist trade measures.

Hoard said it is important for the ralliers to stand up to the Trump backers.

" I feel like they were kind of coming over to troll us in a sense, to make people even more upset and to get a reaction out of people. It was really stupid on their parts," said Hoard.

ISU Faculty members outside of Schroeder Hall formed a barrier between the Trump supporters and the Black Lives Matter gathering. Police monitored.