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Trump Echoes European Right Wingers

Jun 6, 2016

A protester rips a Trump sign during a campaign rally at the Central Illinois Regional Airport.
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The question of the moment among some political observers is does the rise of Donald Trump signal a new fascism in development. For an Illinois Wesleyan University political scientist the answer is no. Kathleen Montgomery tells GLT’s Charlie Schlenker Fascism is a full ideology that Donald Trump does not have. 

Though some similarities exist, in scapegoating immigrants, elites and women, Montgomery says she prefers the term right wing populism.

There are eerie similarities in the rhetoric of right wing populist movements in Europe and presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to Montgomery. Montgomery said that those who are left behind by established parties are turning to exclusionary alternatives in both places.

"Often times citizens feel that they have been left out. They have not been asked whether they accept multiculturalism, whether they accept mass labor migration, whether they accept outsourcing of jobs. What I think is emerging is grievance based populism and I think the grievances are very similar," said Montgomery.

Montgomery also said if the rise of such movements in Europe is a guide, Trump's anti immigrant and exclusionary rhetoric will likely last longer in U.S. political discourse than the present campaign season.

"He has reshaped the discourse in a way that has empowered people to feel that they can say things that in previous electoral cycles were simply taboo, you could not say them. And we're seeing a widening of what becomes acceptable or normal discourse in terms of intolerance, xenophobia," said Montgomery.