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Two Face Charges In Potential Overdose Death In Normal

Jul 13, 2016

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Police in Normal have arrested two men in what could be the overdose death of a 17-year old girl.

Officers aren't saying anything about the cause of death, but Chief Rick Bleichner implied it when he said there can be immunity from offenses if there is a good faith effort to call for medical help or to save a life.

"Certainly it was a tragic situation, but we think there are some things that could have been done obviously that may have helped, or could have even prevented the death of this individual," said Bleichner.

Accused of conspiracy to conceal a death are 18-year old Braxton Smith of Normal and 21-year old Cheonte Hinkle of East Peoria. The death happened early Monday morning in the 14-hundred block of East College Avenue. Officers received a call on the issue the next day.

Bleichner says police want to remind the public about good Samaritan exemptions.

"You know under Illinois Statute there are things that provide potential immunity for individuals who act in good faith when they call 9-1-1 to try to get emergency care for someone who is experiencing an overdose," said Bleichner.