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Two New Illinois Lawmakers Sworn In

Jul 14, 2016

Omar Aquino (left) was recently sworn in as a state lawmaker from Chicago.
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Illinois' General Assembly has two new members. And both are in their twenties.

Omar Aquino won a Democratic primary, but didn't have to wait to win the general election to become a state senator. He was sworn in earlier this month to replace Senator William Delgado, who retired.

Aquino is a 29-year-old Latino from Chicago.

"I think what it does it shows to other Millennials and other young people, that look, you can be part of the system, you can be part of that change," he said.

The other new legislator is a Republican. Local party leaders this week appointed 25-year old Grundy County Board Chairman David Welter to the Illinois House.

He'll replace former Republican State Representative John Anthony, a former police officer who stepped down to work for the Department of Corrections.