Two-year Underpass Study Could Move Forward | WGLT

Two-year Underpass Study Could Move Forward

Oct 2, 2016

Credit Ralph Weisheit / WGLT

Normal Town Council members will consider a $1.4 million engineering study for the proposed underpass at Uptown Station. Funding for the study was approved as part of the town's budget for this year.

The study, which includes environmental studies and conceptual plans, could take up to two years. While the town continues to work on the underpass, train passengers will be able to use a temporary at-grade crossing to board from the planned south platform.

The underpass was considered to be the best option to allow train passengers to board from the south and allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the tracks safely.

The second platform will be used as part of the Illinois High-Speed Rail project, which is slated to be up and running next year.