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Unit 5 Analyzing Concussion Protocol

Feb 22, 2017

Players in action during a game between the Normal Community Ironmen and Bloomington Purple Raiders.
Credit District 87

Unit Five Schools are updating policies to deal with student concussions and head injuries. 

School Board Member Barry Hitchins said the new procedures will also cover injuries that happen during recess, P.E. courses, and after school activities such as marching band. 

"Our procedures are really built around making sure those students who sustain head injuries pass certain criteria before they can move on to greater levels of involvement both in the classroom and on the playing field," said Hitchins.

Hitchins said staff should be thinking about student safety everywhere in school.

Hitchins added administrators already think about the path for student athletes to return to practices, but there are also steps to take before going back to studying.  

"Even by going back to school, you are putting stress on your nervous system and that can impede your recovery. Anything that slows your recovery time down takes time away from the classroom," said Hitchins.

Hitchins said recovering students can benefit from rest and less use of electronics.

The school board will vote to approve the procedures during the next meeting on March 8.  

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