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Vandalized Jesus Statue Will Be Restored, Serafin Says

Jul 9, 2019

A Peoria business owner says he will rebuild a statue on the city’s South Side dedicated to those who lost their lives to violence. 

UFS Downtown Outlet owner Pierre Serafin and his partner Tom paid $15,000 for the ten-foot tall statue of Jesus at Serenity Memorial Park that was vandalized yesterday.

Serafin says he was heartbroken, but the statue will get fixed one way or another. He has already ordered some replacement parts from the statue’s craftsmen in Italy. 

Serafin says he’s doubtful the culprit will get caught. But he’s okay with that, saying whoever it was likely can’t afford restitution. 

Serafin says the statue is meant to unify the community, regardless of religion.

Peoria Councilwoman Denise Moore has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover replacement expenses. 

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