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YWCA Activist Plans Run For Bloomington City Council

Apr 5, 2018

A prominent community activist plans to run for Bloomington City Council next year.

Jenn Carrillo plans to run for Ward 6 in the spring 2019 election. That ward, which includes parts of downtown and the city's west side, is now represented by Alderman Karen Schmidt.

Carrillo is the mission impact director at YWCA McLean County. She's been a vocal proponent of the Welcoming City ordinance, which would limit interactions between local police and federal immigration authorities. She was also one of the lead activists last summer as the Bloomington City Council considered (and eventually approved) a police civilian advisory board.

The YWCA has criticized Schmidt over the Welcoming City ordinance, which has failed to gain traction with a majority of aldermen.

Carrillo is expected to formally announce her campaign next week.

"If we want change, it's up to us to usher in a new wave of leadership who can contribute fresh ideas, diverse voices, and a passion to serve the people in their communities," Carrillo said Thursday on Twitter. "Let's make it happen!"

Ward 4 (currently Alderman Amelia Buragas), Ward 8 (Alderman Diana Hauman), and Ward 2 (Alderman David Sage) are also up for election in 2019.

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