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WGLT's Laura Kennedy highlights a wide variety of events and personalities certain to be of interest to listeners in central Illinois. The program features interviews and behind-the-scenes reports about new art exhibits, music releases and live performances, theater productions, and other community and charity events taking place throughout the listening area.

Kendra Paitz / University Galleries

A Chicago-based artist ventured into the wild to gather inspiration for her latest exhibition. Plumbing the depths of lakes around the world, brainstorming with scientists and shadowing the footsteps of a renowned naturalist, she merged arts with science in an exploration of a fragile environment. 

street photo
Jason Reblando

Poetry and photography meet in a new Twin City exhibition that highlights the struggles of refugees through the story of a German Jewish intellectual who, in order to escape Nazi persecution, undertook a perilous journey across the Pyrenees mountains. 

Pamala Eaton

It’s brutally cold outside. There’s a foot of snow adding to the misery. Oh, and the pandemic. Charming. 

But one local artist steadfastly has embraced an inner warmth with his new collection of works, letting his romantic side out to shine a light in the persistent darkness. 

Rhys Lovell
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

A venerable member of the Bloomington-Normal theater community is branching out with a new role that, on its surface, seems like something brand new. But at its heart, it’s a job with core values he knows very well. 

john stark
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Last year, the Illinois Shakespeare Festival was obliged to pull the plug on its season due to the pandemic.

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

At the start of the new semester at Illinois Wesleyan University, Carmen Lozar was faced with a quandary. 

As the director of galleries at IWU, Lozar schedules the exhibitions that go on view at the Merwin, Wakely and Atrium galleries. But the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the large Merwin Gallery being roped off for a socially distanced student work area. Lozar needed a show that could be safely displayed in the open Atrium Gallery--safely both from the standpoint of the pandemic and for security reasons. 

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

An exotic gift from a kind eccentric and formidable grandparent...the jaw-dropping riches of another culture... 

These are the memories that have informed the latest work from Twin City artist David Dow, now on view at the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington. The exhibition is called “Unsteady Hands” and continues through Feb. 19. 

flower paitning
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Artist Jessica Bingham embraces the ephemeral around us in her work, incorporating memories of childhood, flowers from summers past, and the ever-shifting moments of motherhood.  

Her latest work is currently on view in a show entitled, “Tending Place,” at the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington. 

Bingham is the curator at University Galleries in Normal and welcomed this opportunity to showcase her artwork, created as she balances her work at the Galleries and her new role as a mother. Motherhood is a big part of how she navigates her life, said Bingham. 

christopher breu
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

A world-weary detective ... a cynical femme fatale ... a bleak night world of sex and violence. Think Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Graham, Dana Andrews, Audrey Totter. Now think again — about noir.

Illinois State University

In a typical year, art collectors have just two days to snap up prints during the Annual Printmakers’ Exhibition and Sale at Illinois State University. 

As we’ve all noticed, this is not a typical year. 

actors on stage
Heartland Theatre

Every theater has had to find its way to reach audiences during the pandemic. For Heartland Theatre Company, that includes reaching into its own past.

Christmas lights
Nick Amuscato / Flickr via Creative Commons

There isn’t much the pandemic hasn’t impacted, including the schedule at Community Players Theatre.

actors on zoom
Nomad Theater Company

Nomad Theater Company puts a dickens of a twist on the holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol” in its latest production.  

zoom rehearsal
Heartland Theatre

A gold watch chain and a woman’s crowning glory are at the center of a classic tale being told anew by Heartland Theatre Company.

Doug Johnson
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Art meets the retail experience at a venerable holiday event hosted by the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington. 

A venerable holiday charity tradition is adapting to the current uncertain times. 

kevin vernon
David B. Vernon

High school students from across Bloomington-Normal have dropped their crosstown rivalries to unite and send COVID-19 a message: You can’t stop us from performing! 

laptop class
Tracy Koch / MIOpera

MIOpera is filling a big opera-sized hole in the arts community by offering a chance to enjoy performances by some up-and-coming singers. 

cast of show
Community Players Theater

Community Players Theater is going mega meta with its latest production--a show that looks behind the curtain and reveals the pains and pleasures of creating a new musical. 

Rhys Lovell
Heartland Theatre

There’s an old joke in public broadcasting: When is the best time to air a radio drama?


Richar III statue
It's No Game / Flickr via Creative Commons

Illinois State University's School of Theater dives into the winter of our discontent in a new production of Shakespeare’s “Richard III.” 

Lyndsie Schlink / Illinois State University

Poetry and textiles entwine in a new exhibition by an interdisciplinary artist who draws her inspiration from the words we read and the materials we caress. 

hewett and anthony debate
McLean County Museum of History

You can see, and hear, dead people on the Evergreen Cemetery Walk. 

seaside jumpers painting
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Artist Cathy Engberg celebrates life’s simple, everyday moments.  

kids creating art
avilasal / Flickr via Creative Commons

Each autumn, Illinois State University offers kids in the community a chance to participate in a series of art classes, learning visual arts and drama. Naturally, those classes have a twist this year. 


Each year, Bloomington-Normal doctors put down their stethoscopes and pick up a violin, cello, guitar or other musical instrument for the annual Doctors in Concert fundraiser. 

happy contagion
Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Don’t let the cute fool you. 

big fish performance
Community Players

The doors to their theater may be closed, but Community Players has declared the show must go on. 

Justin Vickers
Justin Vickers

It was just standing there, empty. No concerts, no audience, no applause. No nothing. And that’s a sad state for a concert hall. 

Illinois Art Station

Illinois Art Station is on the move and making plans for an expanded future in Bloomington-Normal.