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The last installment for Poetry Radio December 31, 2015. A co-production of GLT and ISU's Department of English, this former weekly program featured in-studio readings of classic and contemporary poetry underscored with evocative music.

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Lucia Getsi: Vanishing Point, read by Lucia Getsi. Music by Walter Parks and Amy Platt (Walt's for Tara from Oasis Instrumentals 3)

Solitude 12/15/15

Dec 11, 2015

Duke Ellington and Irving Mills: Solitude, read by Pearl Cleage. Music by Jethro Burns (Solitude from Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin)

Susan Bright: The Art of Pie, read by Claudia Schmidt. Music by Red Garland with the Miles Davis Quintet (Billy Boy from Milestones)

Cecil Giscombe: Afroprairie, read by Cecil Giscombe. Music by Oran Etkin (It Don't Mean a Thing from Kelenia)

Emily Dickinson: Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers (1859 and 1861 versions), read by Robert Sutherland. Music by Lena Willemark and Ale Moller (Hornlat from Nordan)

John Firefly: Acousticity, read by John Firefly. Music by Mike Compton (Honky Tonk Swing from Climbing the Walls)

Bill Morgan: My Father's Cigarettes, read by Bill Morgan. Music by Joe Myers (Sunrise from Troubled Notes from the Hotel Chelsea)

Hear 14 of Bruce Bergethon's favorite poems from Poetry Radio's 23 year history on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays during December, plus 9 bonus poems.

During its 23 years on GLT, Poetry Radio has encompassed a wide variety of interpretations, from local poets and readers to internationally-acclaimed authors. In this last month of broadcasts, I've chosen some of my favorite episodes, including former Senator Paul Simon and songwriter Claudia Schmidt, plus works by each of the four ISU poets who co-hosted the program. But there's so much more in the archives, as the nine poems below display. As producer, Poetry Radio has always been a labor of love and learning for me, and I hope it's expanded your horizons, too.

Redolence 11/29/15

Dec 1, 2015

Aaron Anstett: Redolence, read by Aaron Anstett. Music by Mike Marshall (Gator Strut from Gator Strut)

Ewa Chrusciel: I Buy a Sausage At the Airport, read by Ewa Chrusciel. Music by Lac La Belle (Lions of the West from A Friend Too Long)

Steve Fay: Li Po in Hancock County (for Bill Morgan), read by Steve Fay. Music by Sarah Lee Guthrie (Tarantula from Sarah Lee Guthrie)

Paulette Roeske: The Wife Takes a Child, read by Paulette Roeske. Music by John Hartford (The Ten Chord Blues from You Can't Run From Love)

Jacob Saenz: Poem For the Grandmother, read by Jacob Saenz. Music by Michael Shelley (Winner of the Ebsom Oaks from Jimmy's Corner)

Bill Morgan: Lesson in Spatial Relations, read by Bill Morgan. Music by Robert Burns (Bridge of Dreams from Oasis Acoustic 35)

Marriage 11/15/15

Nov 16, 2015

Molly Peacock: Marriage, read by Jody Lisberger. Music by James Brown (To See Your Face from Out of the Silence)

Jennifer Lisa Vest: Some Good Done, read by Jennifer Lisa Vest. Music by James Leva and Danny Knicely (Axe Me from All Over The Map)

Warning 11/10/15

Nov 8, 2015

Jenny Joseph: Warning, read by Joy Luke. Music by Power Tools (Unchained Melody from Strange Meeting)

A.A. Milne: The King's Breakfast, read by Janice Neuleib. Music by Cafe Noir (La Manouche from Cafe Noir)

Violin 11/5/15

Nov 8, 2015

Joanne Diaz: Violin, read by Joanne Diaz. Music by Aly Bain (Rosemary Brown/Aly's Waltz from Little Bird)

This Tonic 11/3/15

Nov 8, 2015

Jim Plath: This Tonic, read by Jim Plath. Music by Common Strings (Chadwell Hollow from The Rain Came Down)

Jan Conn: Monkey Paws, Railway Ties, read by Jan Conn. Music by Matthew Montfort (Soul Serenade from Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar)

Roberto Harrison: Barely Visible, read by Roberto Harrison. Music by Michael Shelley (Aranda Alandi from Jimmy's Corner)

Yang 10/27/15

Oct 25, 2015

Patricia McMillen: Yang, read by Patricia McMillen. Music by Roger Espinoza (Ibiz Sol from Cafe Fuego)

Elinor Wylie: Pretty Words, read by Robert Sutherland. Music by Peppino D'Agostino (Why Not ? from Close To The Heart)

Brenda Cardenas: Psalm (for Roberto), read by Brenda Cardenas. Music by Paul Moore (Laura from Mandolin Magic)

Yusef Komunyakaa: Blackberries, read by Zarina Mullan Plath. Music by Dois no Choro (Santa Morena from Asa Branca)

Heaven 10/18/15

Oct 17, 2015

Mike Theune: Heaven, read by Mike Theune. Music by Robbie Basho (Khatum from Bashovia)

Yellow 10/15/15

Oct 12, 2015

Jason Bredle: Yellow, read by Jason Bredle. Music by Bill Frisell (Arkansas 2 from Disfarmer)

Lisa Starr: Just Before Summer, read by Jody Lisberger. Music by Andy Rising (Wedding Song)