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GLT's Grow: Putting The Bite On Mosquitoes

Erik F. Brandsburg
Flickr via Creative Commons

Mosquitoes are hogging the headlines.  

With warmer weather comes the threat of mosquitoes, bringing not just a possibility of an annoying bite, but the possibility of the Zika virus.   The CDC has issued an alert for travel to areas, such as Brazil, where the Zika virus is spreading. Zika is only one disease that can be spread by mosquitoes, and when large populations taking up residence in your yard, they can be a terrible nuisance -- and even dangerous.

*Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow, noted that there are things we can do to mitigate the hazards mosquitoes bring.  One major draw for mosquitoes is standing water.  They can also lay their eggs on dry surfaces that are occasionally wet.

*Mosquitoes go from egg to biting insects in about two weeks. 

*Do a check of your backyard to find low lying areas that allow water to puddle.  Gutters can attract mosquitoes, so keep them clean.  

*Water features can attract mosquitoes -- so can kiddie pools.  Try adding minnows or guppies to your water feature.  They'll munch on the eggs.

*Keep your grass mowed and tidy to discourage mosquitoes.  Move out thatch and fallen leaves.

*Try propane traps for bugs, or you could plant some bayberry plants.  Mosquitoes hate the scent!

Reporter, content producer and former All Things Considered host, Laura Kennedy is a native of the Midwest who occasionally affects an English accent just for the heck of it. Related to two U.S. presidents, Kennedy appalled her family by going into show business.