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Searching For A Lost Bloomington Pentangle Concert

Jon Norton

Reverberation Vinyl owner John Anderson has spent the last few weeks dropping the needle on the turntable in his store onto late 1960's and early 1970's Pentangle albums. Though not old enough to have been at the show, the group's May 11, 1970 concert at Illinois Wesleyan's Fred Young Fieldhouse has him obsessed with unearthing a recording from that show.

Credit Illinois Wesleyan Newspaper "The Argus"

"Every year in the month of May, I pester and badger people around town to see if anyone has a copy, is sitting on a copy, or know anyone who recorded it," chuckled Anderson. "Yeah, 47 years ago this week, Pentangle played right across the street from where I'm now sitting."

Click "Listen" below to hear Anderson play some of his favorite Pentangle songs, and explain how he deduces which songs the group likely played during a concert at IWU's Fred Young Fieldhouse on May 11, 1970.

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Jon Norton is the audio director at WGLT and WCBU. He also is host of All Things Considered every weekday.