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New Civic Arts Manager Steps Up In Normal

As the new Civic Arts Manager, Adam Fox is excited about using the Uptown footprint to showcase the arts.

Normal Theater manager Adam Fox has a new role with the Town of Normal that will allow him to help shape the cultural landscape of the community.

Fox is now the civic arts manager for the Town of Normal, expanding his duties from the historic movie theater to include coordination of all Uptown events, including the Sweet Corn and Blues Festival, Loungeabout in the Roundabout, Make Music Normal, Santa's Station, the Sugar Creek Arts Festival, various Uptown parades and more.  

Credit Adam Fox / Courtesy
Adam Fox, left, with Chewbacca at the White House, 2009.

"We're defining our vision as we move forward," explained Fox. "Of how to create the best opportunities for the community to engage in the arts on all levels and in all disciplines and all possibilities."

"I think we have such a great opportunity in Uptown Normal to create a public arts space. The idea of using Uptown as a footprint to really celebrate the arts in very much the same way that we already do, like Make Music Normal, because that is very much a participatory festival. To be able to showcase the musical talent that we have in this community across all stages has us considering doing that for other types of art."

Fox speculates that there could one day be a theater festival, or perhaps, touching on the visual arts, an event that's an expansion out of the University Galleries in Uptown or the Sugar Creek Arts Festival. 

"It's fun to speculate," said Fox. "It's such a great thing to think about, the wonderful public space and this great gathering space that we have off of the roundabout and expanding in all directions. It's fun to think about using all of that." 

Listen to an extended version of the interview.

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