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Interim McLean County Health Director Planning ‘Business As Usual’

McLean County Health Department sign
The McLean County Board of Health has named Tammy Brooks interim McLean County Health Department Director.

The interim head of the McLean County Health Department says she doesn't anticipate the need for much change as the department prepares to name its second director in two years.

Tammy Brooks
Credit Tammy Brooks
Tammy Brooks has worked for the McLean County Health Department for nearly 20 years.

The Board of Health has named Tammy Brooks to serve as interim health department director as Camille Rodriguez becomes McLean County administrator on June 1. Rodriguez started her role as County Health Department director in January 2018.

She will oversee the department, which has 85 employees and an annual $9 million budget.

Brooks said Rodriguez enacted a new strategic plan and vision statement “Protect and Promote Health” that will guide the transition.

“She said, ‘Business as usual, just keep moving forward with or without me. Our strategic plan is the same, our mission is the same, our vision is the same, keep moving in a forward direction,’” Brooks said.

Brooks will continue to oversee clinical services which includes immunizations. She has worked for the department for nearly 20 years.

She added the county is taking a more proactive role to make sure health services don't suffer if funding lapses after the Center for Human Services' sudden move in December to stop accepting new clients.

“Maybe (we have) monthly check-ins to see how things are going, look at the types of services provided, perhaps financial records on more of a regular basis to prevent us from getting to a place where we recently visited,” Brooks said of the health services agencies it works with in McLean County.

The county Board of Health has agreed to fund CHS' psychiatric and crisis intervention through the end of the year.

The Board of Health plans to name a permanent successor by the fall.

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