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WGLT's Sound Ideas - Wednesday 6/9/21

There's a shortage of bicycles in Bloomington Normal. Stores can't keep mid-range bikes in stock for more than an hour. From aluminum shortages and other supply chain issues to vastly increased demand, it's touch and go for bicycle shop owners right now. Plus, expansion of pediatric services by Marcfirst could help school districts and reduce service needs for children with autism when they grow up. There has been a lot of news about labor shortages in the region. Eric Stock reports on who's hiring. The new Illinois State University Athletics Director plans for a fall season that won't have crowd size limits. And yes, there will be tailgating.

Abigail Schombert is an audio production intern at WGLT. She joined WGLT in summer 2021. She is a creative technologies major (with an emphasis in sound) at Illinois State University.