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WGLT's Sound Ideas - Wednesday, 8/4/21

Governor JB Pritzker says he's disappointed so many school districts had planned to make masks optional for the fall. He's taking that choice out of their hands. There's now a statewide mask mandate - daycare through high school. It's tough to put out a car fire in an electric vehicle because you have to keep the battery cells that aren't on fire cool enough so they don't go up. Normal firefighters say it takes ten times the usual amount of water to put out an EV car fire. They're studying up for a lot more EVs on the road. And Team Mercury is on the road. Illinois State University's solar car racing team has a very quiet engine.

Abigail Schombert is an audio production intern at WGLT. She joined WGLT in summer 2021. She is a creative technologies major (with an emphasis in sound) at Illinois State University.