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IL Stiffs State Fair Vendors

Oct 1, 2015
Il Dept. Agriculture

The Illinois State Fair ended in August. But many who worked there are still owed money. The event is a celebration of agriculture and more. But this year, the state warned vendors they might have to wait to get paid.

Illinois Hosts Dairy Tour

Sep 29, 2015

Illinois officials are hosting visitors from nearly 20 countries which are potential milk buyers. Representatives from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal and Thailand are among those participating in this year's Illinois Dairy Tour. The event began Monday at Rolling Lawns Farms in Greenville. It was there that in 1915 one of the state's first Holstein cows was registered. Warren Goetsch is acting director of the Department of Agriculture. He says Illinois is 22nd in the nation in producing milk, and the Dairy Tour is a key part of the state's marketing plan.

Monsanto Donates For Monarch Rescue

Sep 28, 2015

A national wildlife group says it is doling out $3.3 million in grants as part of an initial push to stem the worrisome decline of monarch butterflies. The 22 grants announced by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will be matched by more than $6.7 million from the recipients, who are in at least a dozen states including Illinois. The money is meant to restore up to 33,000 U.S. acres of habitat in areas identified by experts as key to monarch butterfly recovery.  

A subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co. is opening a facility in the research park at the University of Illinois' Champaign-Urbana campus. Indianapolis, Indiana-based Dow AgroSciences and the university have announced the Dow AgroSciences Innovation Center is joining the Dow Chemical Company Innovation Center, which opened in the school's research park in 2013. Dow Chemical is based in Midland, Michigan.  

Photo courtesy Flickr user fish hawk via Creative Commons

Host Patrick Murphy has an appreciation for farmers, plus some canning advice.

Harvest Moon Gathering Afoot

Sep 17, 2015

There's a harvest moon the 27th and 28th of this month, and the Twin City Amateur Astronomers are hosting an event Saturday night at Sugar Grove Nature Center for sky gazers focusing on what should be a pretty spectacular appearance by our closest neighbor. WGLT's Jim Browne talks with former ISU planetarium director Carl Wenning, with the Amateur Astronomers. He says the harvest moon is also known as a "supermoon" this time of year. He says early farmers coined the term harvest moon to describe autumn moons that tended to rise only a half hour apart on successive nights.