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The Gypsy Coeds Ride Again in New Art Exhibit

Jan 4, 2016

America's Car Museum

The place of the automobile in American culture is changing. But, a nationwide tour of three historic vehicles stopping in Bloomington Normal recalls the glory days of the car in U.S. society.

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Usually, there's no parking allowed inside the galleries of the Peoria Riverfront Museum.  But an exception has been made for an exhibition featuring a unique Ford Model T that took a gaggle of central Illinois women on adventures across North America.  The girls met movie stars, charmed a titan of industry and became a depression-era viral sensation.

To My Son, Old Enough For Bass 12/31/15

Dec 30, 2015

James McGowan: To My Son, Old Enough for Bass, read by James McGowan. Music by Taj Mahal (Fishing Blues from The Taj Anthology)

Nostalgia 12/29/15

Dec 30, 2015

Billy Collins: Nostalgia, read by Billy Collins. Music by Oliver Lake (Stolen Moments from Dat Love)

Field Ecologist's Love Song 12/27/15

Dec 30, 2015

Kathryn Kerr: Field Ecologist's Love Song, read by Kathryn Kerr. Music by Bruce Cockburn (Train in the Rain from Dart to the Heart)

Fishing 12/24/15

Dec 30, 2015

Kirstin Hotelling Zona: Fishing, read by Kirstin Hotelling Zona. Music by Joseph Mancilla (Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios from Oasis Classical and Instrumental)

One Year Sunny Stabs Himself 12/22/15

Dec 30, 2015

Thylias Moss: One Year Sunny Stabs Himself, read by Thylias Moss. Music by Scott Johnson (Break Forth O Beauteous Heav'nly Light from Christmas Guitars)

Married Love 12/20/15

Dec 30, 2015

Kathleen Kirk: Married Love, read by Kathleen Kirk. Music by Bill Spence (Billy's Chinese Tune from The Hammered Dulcimer Returns!)

Bloomington Parks and Recreation

For the first time in decades, Bloomington's annual Snowbird Open golf event will be played at Prairie Vista instead of Highland Park on New Year's Day. The city's golf operations manager, Nancy Nelson, says ironically, it was the weather that caused the "weather-defying" event to shift venues.

"It was the ice storm that hit us and knocked down a bunch of trees. You can't really make your way around Highland Park right now and we won't have it cleaned up in time."

Steffan Block / Facebook

Part of the team which established Bloomington-Normal's first food truck is back with another double-decker bus. The Bustaurant has been on the street for almost a month...and serving much of the same food fans have craved since the first bus was knocked off the street after the bus was hit from behind in a rear end collision.

The 40th annual Martin Luther King Junior Awards in Bloomington Normal will feature 13 nominees. Four winners will be announced January 16th at ISU's Bone Student Center. Two adults and two high school students will be recognized for promoting tolerance and understanding.

In the running are students: Marcus Brooks, Rahul Vudaru, Veena Yeleswarapu, Rachek Beck, Keerthi Amballa, Amanda Breeden, Amari Funderburg, and Helen Steinbacher-Kemp.

Adult contenders for the honor include: Mary Aplington, Arlene Hosea, Marcos Mendez, Jesse Padilla, and Arthur Haynes.

Salvation Kettle Contains $100 Bills

Dec 23, 2015
Red Kettle donor
Salvation Army / Creative Commons

Early this morning at Bloomington's Salvation Army, the take from the previous day was being tallied up, when someone noticed a $100 bill, and another! Angie Fulton at the Salvation Army says they were put in a kettle yesterday afternoon.

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Winter is underway, and through these dark, chilly days it's only natural to think longingly of summer.  That's the season that's very much on the minds of the organizers of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.  They've just announced their plans for the 2016 season, and it includes having a dame play the Dane.  Artistic director Kevin Rich talks about the decision to cast a woman to play Hamlet.

U of I Press

Our Christmas traditions were not always how the holy day was observed in Illinois. In fact Christmas was not much of a celebration until the middle of the 19th century.

GLT's Poetry Radio: 12/17

Dec 17, 2015

GLT's Datebook: 12/18/15

Dec 17, 2015

Winter Solstice Observed

Dec 17, 2015
Pam Binder / Creative Commons

December twenty-first marks the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year, after which the daylight gradually begins to increase. Bloomington's Unitarian Universalist Church will be marking the event tomorrow evening(Friday December 18) with music and dance. Tonya Keach, one of the event organizers, says Winter Solstice has long been associated with spiritual introspection.

The Unitarian Universalist program begins at 6 p.m. and will include peace dances from various cultures, as well as a performance of ritual gong music based on an ancient healing service.

Acousticity Artists Reveal "My Favorite (Holiday) Things"

Dec 15, 2015

Every year, Acousticity host Bruce Bergethon keeps a list - of the favorite holiday songs by artists he interviews for the GLT Sunday night program. It's December, and Bruce has checked the list twice, tracked down the songs, and presents this medley of holiday treats, naughty AND nice, for your enjoyment.

Star Wars, The Cultural Force

Dec 15, 2015

Sound Ideas Preview: Star Wars, A Cultural Force

Dec 15, 2015

Laura Kennedy / WGLT

The latest chapter in the Star Wars saga is set to open Friday with anticipated huge ticket sales and monster merchandising.  But all the fuss surrounding "The Force Awakens" actually started in 1977 with the release of the first Star Wars film.  Shari Zeck, from ISU's College of Fine Arts, talks with GLT's Laura Kennedy about how the movie came to be such a cultural phenomenon. 

Orbis Books

For years, Tom Roberts edited Joan Chittister's columns for National Catholic Reporter. The two were friends and he says he thought he knew the Benedictine sister and spirituality writer well. That was before he began a series of lengthy and intense interviews with Chittister. Roberts' new biography plows some old ground, like Chittister's famous showdown with the Vatican over her support of women's ordination; her work on global human rights; her many books on monastic wisdom for contemporary readers, as well as her years as prioress of her monastery after the Vatican II reforms.

Courtesy of Benetvision

Joan Chittister, a Catholic sister and member of the Benedictine  monastic order, is considered one of the foremost spirituality authors of our time. She has written more than 50 books. Her latest book is about the men and women in the early church who retreated to the desert to seek God with an undivided heart. Chittister says the sayings handed down from them still resonate with people today.

Joan Chittister is a member of Mount St. Benedict Monastery in Erie, PA. Her new book is "In God's Holy Light: Wisdom from the Desert Monastics."

Vanishing Point 12/17/15

Dec 11, 2015

Lucia Getsi: Vanishing Point, read by Lucia Getsi. Music by Walter Parks and Amy Platt (Walt's for Tara from Oasis Instrumentals 3)

Solitude 12/15/15

Dec 11, 2015

Duke Ellington and Irving Mills: Solitude, read by Pearl Cleage. Music by Jethro Burns (Solitude from Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin)

The Art of Pie 12/13/15

Dec 11, 2015

Susan Bright: The Art of Pie, read by Claudia Schmidt. Music by Red Garland with the Miles Davis Quintet (Billy Boy from Milestones)

Poetry Radio: Afro Prairie

Dec 10, 2015