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Biker on the trail
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Constitution Trail is considered one of Bloomington-Normal's top cultural and tourist attractions, and yet it almost never came to be.

Route 9 street sign
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Bloomington’s Public Works director said updates to the proposed Route 9 bike lane plan reduces the number of impacted parking spaces by nearly 200.

Person on a high-wheeler bike
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The term "scorcher" took on new meaning at Bloomington's David Davis Mansion Saturday.

U.S. Route 150 and Illinois Route 9 signs
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The City of Bloomington has scheduled a public meeting to gather feedback on a proposal to add bike lanes along Illinois Route 9.

Two electric scooters parked on a sidewalk
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The Town of Normal is considering an electric scooter program.

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The Town of Normal has installed pedestrian signs at the crossings of the Constitution Trail on Locust, Willow, Lincoln, Shelbourne and Raab.

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Future growth of the community's bike share program will likely depend on private sponsorship. 

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A goal to be the first woman to finish the most difficult bicycle race in the world has ended for a central Illinois endurance athlete. Thursday Gervais has withdrawn from the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme.  

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After a fierce battle over bicycle lanes for Washington Street, the final chapter in the process Monday was anticlimactic.

Opponents scarcely showed up, and the Bloomington City Council gave unanimous approval, 9-0.

Bloomington Planning Commission Signs Off On Bike Lanes

Jun 15, 2017
Bike BloNo

The Bloomington Planning Commission supports bike lanes along Washington Street. Residents testified on both sides of the amendment to the Bloomington bike plan during a public hearing.

Bicyclists Can Call AAA Too

May 3, 2017
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Triple A has found an appropriate way to celebrate National Bicycle Safety Month.

Roadside assistance is now available in Illinois for members who are bike riders.

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The West Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP) is acquiring new property and expanding its scope of services. The organization has announced it is purchasing the former Jesus House at 724 W. Washington Street and will consolidate its operations into the location, which will feature a bike co-op.

A retired Eureka school superintendent accepted a plea offer yesterday that would reduce felony reckless driving and reckless conduct charges to misdemeanors.  

A new traffic citation for improper lane usage was also added to the agreement.  He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service,  18 months of conditional discharge, and to pay fines and court costs.

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The McLean County Regional Planning Commission (MCRPC) is trying to gaze into the future, with the help of area residents. The MCRPC has launched a survey asking people to answer questions while imagining conditions 30 years into the future. 


Zagster will provide a bike sharing program in Normal, which could be fully operational in 4 to 6 weeks. The Town of Normal will provide the majority of funding for the service, with sponsorship from Advocate Bromenn Medical Center.

Normal Council To Consider Bike Sharing

Sep 5, 2016

The Twin Cities could have a bike sharing program soon. Normal Town Council members will vote on a contract with Zagster, which provides the service for small towns and universities.

Fernando Roman Garcia

Bloomington police are asking people who attended last Saturday's Criterium bicycle race to review any cell phone or other personal video they might have of the event.

Police are seeking clues as to who was responsible for throwing thumb tacks onto the path of cyclists. The tacks caused flat tires resulting in an eight-bike crash.

Five cyclists suffered injuries ranging from serious scrapes and bruises to contusions.

Chief Brendan Heffner said  video from public surveillance cameras downtown have so far yielded no clues, and no witnesses have come forward.

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Bicyclists who participated in the Criterium bicycle race Saturday are at a loss to explain why anyone would place thumb tacks along the race route in downtown Bloomington. The tacks caused flat tires that resulted in an eight-bike pile-up that sent five injured cyclists to the emergency room.

Mayor Tari Renner has asked Bloomington police to investigate.

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The Bloomington city council  unanimously agreed to drill water supply wells around Lake Bloomington and Lake Evergreen. At a cost of $170,000, engineering firm Baxter and Woodman Inc. will drill into the St. Peter Aquifer

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Bloomington Aldermen will vote on spending $107 thousand on engineering services to look at the costs of installing water supply wells near Lake Bloomington and Evergreen Lake.

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It's been a year since Dean Davis' life changed. On July 7, 2015, he was seriously injured while riding his bicycle on a rural McLean County road. He swerved into a ditch at about 20 miles per hour trying to avoid hitting a car that had stopped suddenly in front of him.

After recuperating from shoulder and back injuries and surgery, he finally rode his bike again this spring. He has ridden six times in the past year.

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Both Bloomington and Normal are moving toward possible adoption of so called complete streets policies. Bloomington aldermen will discuss the policy at their “committee of the whole” meeting Monday evening (June 20).

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Some drivers might think a street with curbs, a center line, and plenty of room for traffic is a complete street. But a specific policy adopted by more 730 agencies across the U.S. involves much more.

Both Bloomington and Normal could have such a policy in place this summer that would change how the two communities view a street's uses and users.


About 20 bicyclists stopped in Normal overnight on the way from Chicago to Springfield, hoping to convince lawmakers to restore funding for social service programs.

The employees and volunteers with the organization Bikes 'N Roses hope the General Assembly and the governor will restore the bulk of the $250,000 cut from their budget. Bikes 'N Roses puts at-risk youth to work fixing bikes on Chicago's west side.

Attorney Explains Bicycle Laws, Insurance

Mar 15, 2016
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A bicycle lawyer is addressing the Bike BloNo meeting March 16th. Brendan Kevenides is partner in a Chicago firm that specializes in the legal needs of cyclists.

Chris Sweet

While sales are flat, more people are using bikes as transportation and bike shares are popping up around the country. But whatever boom or boomlet is currently underway, it pales in comparison to the bike boom of the late 19th century. And central Illinois contributed more than its fair share to the boom. In the 1890’s, two-thirds of all bikes and bike accessories were produced with in a 150 mile radius of Chicago, which includes Bloomington and Peoria manufacturers.

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While some people ride recreationally, an increasing number are using their bicycles to get to work, the store, and doctor.  The National Household Travel Survey showed that the number of trips made by bicycle in the U.S. more than doubled from 1.7 billion in 2001 to 4 billion in 2009. Bike BloNo, a Bloomington-Normal bicycle advocacy organization, recently helped compiled statistics to see where, and when, it's safest to ride your bike.

Mike Bernico / Bike BloNo

A new study says the largest single chunk of bicycle versus auto accidents in Bloomington Normal happen to bicyclists who are using sidewalks. Michael Gorman of the advocacy group Bike BloNo says it's safest for cyclists to behave like motorists and follow the rules of the road on the streets because cyclists are more visible to people around you.

Gorman says bikers are most visible when they are behaving like motorists and following the rules of the road, but car drivers may not notice bikers when the head into an intersection from a sidewalk.

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In late July and early August the Constitution Trail comes alive with chirping and buzzing, but most of of those sounds aren't from insects.  Take a listen to Mike McCurdy's recent night time bike ride.