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The John Wesley Powell Audubon Society participated in last month's 119th annual Christmas Bird Count.

Unknown Illinois: Prowling For Owls

Jun 13, 2017
Bill Majoros / Flickr

It’s a perfect night to watch for nocturnal birds. Calm winds, clear sky and waxing moon just above the horizon.

I’m standing at dusk on the Lexington Blacktop, just east of Lake Bloomington. I’m with Angelo Capparella of the biology department at Illinois State University, and Given Harper, another avid bird watcher and professor at Illinois Wesleyan.

We’re on the prowl for owls.

In Search Of The Elusive Snowy Owl

Feb 25, 2016
Tim Lindenbaum

Bird watchers are out these days looking for visitors from the Arctic and other far northern territories that are wintering in central Illinois. Those birds include snow buntings, Lapland longspurs and the horned lark. No winter bird is more sought after than the snowy owl, made famous by Hedwig, Harry Potter's trusty messenger bird. In another of our occasional series on Unknown Illinois,

More young people will have the opportunity to show livestock at future Illinois state fairs. Fair officials say they plan to expand the age requirements for junior livestock shows beginning in 2016 to match requirements for nationally recognized events. The change applies to both the Illinois State Fair in Springfield and southern Illinois' DuQuoin State Fair. Currently, participants must be between 10 and 18 years old. Starting next year the age range will be 8 to 21.