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Bloomington Mayoral Election

Polling place in Normal
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In Normal, 2,000 more voters cast ballots Tuesday than have ever voted in a town election before. And yet, that's still just over 25% of registered voters.

The three candidates for Bloomington mayor agree on the importance of supporting small businesses and encouraging economic development. But they are starkly divided over how recreational cannabis should figure in the city’s economic future.

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In their last face-to-face meeting prior to next Tuesday's municipal election, the two candidates for mayor of Bloomington debated whether the community is in a recession.

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A Facebook group called "Bloomington Deserves Better Than Kevin Lower" is attacking the mayoral candidate for a 3-year-old response to an alleged racist post on a page titled the Marcus Garvey Society.

On the page was a comment suggesting that "if African Americans really wanted to escape racism, it might be time for them to move to the land of the ancestors."

Tari Renner speaks at podium
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner took a step toward a second term as he easily outdistanced a crowded field of challengers in the primary election Tuesday. Renner totaled 3,667 votes, while Alderman Kevin Lower finished second with 1,450 votes. The two will face each other in the municipal general election April 4.


Challenges to petition signatures for individuals seeking local office such as council-person or mayor happen occasionally. But many of the candidates in this spring's municipal election in Bloomington faced about a half-dozen challenges before the ballot could be published last month. 

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During a Bloomington mayoral forum, one candidate said he didn't have to fight against the current mayor, while another candidate said he was ready to fight for Bloomington residents. 

Four of the five candidates spoke at the McLean County Republican Party's breakfast Monday morning. 

Candidate Kevin Lower said even though he disagrees with Mayor Tari Renner's ideals, he doesn't think the candidates need to fight each other. Ian Bayne said candidates need to fight for residents to survive.

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Bloomington Mayoral candidates are pushing platform ideas with about a month until the primary election.

The McLean County Democratic Party hosted a forum at which retired Firefighter and life-long Bloomington resident Robert Fike said the city needs to focus on strong infrastructure.

Hearings Open Into Additional Mayoral, Aldermanic Petition Challenges

Dec 9, 2016
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The Bloomington Election Commission continues to conduct hearings on challenges to nominating papers filed by Mayor Tari Renner and mayoral candidate Diana Hauman. Some of the challenges were considered during opening hearings at the Government Center Friday.

Bloomington resident Bruce Meeks challenged the petitions alleging they are invalid because of alleged improper notarization. Meeks says he believes this is a necessary discussion to have.

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A candidate for Bloomington mayor wants to sell the U.S. Cellular Coliseum and is willing to sell it for less than appraised value to "get out from under the yearly subsidy."  Robert Fike is a 58-year-old retired firefighter. He says the annual subsidy amounts to $900,000.  

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There are far more candidate petition challenges in Bloomington than usual this year . A total of six were filed before the Monday evening deadline.

They all came from conservative critics of Bloomington government who have spoken or published about their desire to remove existing office holders.

Ian Bayne

Talk radio host Ian Bayne says city of Bloomington spending has spiraled out of control. So the unsuccessful 2014 Congressional candidate wants to unseat incumbent Tari Renner as the city's mayor.

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A hearing to review an objection to Mayor Tari Renner's nominating petitions has been delayed to later this week.

The original hearing Monday morning was stopped after multiple citizens called out the Bloomington Election Commission for violations of the Open Meetings Act.

Bloomington City Hall
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A frequent critic of the Bloomington Mayor and Council has filed a challenge to the nominating petitions of Mayor Tari Renner.

Kevin Gerrard's objection to Renner's candidacy will be heard Monday morning at the County Government Complex in downtown Bloomington in the Commission offices, according to Bloomington Election Commission Director Paul Shannon.

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A Bloomington mayoral candidate thinks there's room in the budget to fund priorities such as infrastructure and public safety by cutting amenities.  Ward 1 Alderman and candidate for mayor Kevin Lower also is cool on raising fees or taxes during what he repeatedly called a recession. 

Ian Bayne

A former radio host said he is running for Mayor of Bloomington as an anti-establishment candidate.

Ian Bayne joins incumbent Tari Renner and Council members Diana Hauman and Kevin Lower as announced Mayoral candidates.

Diana Hauman
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Although much of the focus is on the November election, potential candidates have begun circulating petitions for next year's municipal contests.

Among them is Bloomington Alderman Diana Hauman who has announced a run for Mayor against incumbent Tari Renner.

Ralph Weisheit

The Mayor of Bloomington objects to one of the campaign planks of his prospective opponent in the April election.

Alderman Diana Hauman asserts the city does not have a strategic plan  for the future of the city, especially in economic development. Hauman says the city is working project by project. 

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Bloomington Alderman Diana Hauman is running for Mayor.

Hauman said she prefers to say she is not running against Mayor Tari Renner, who appointed her, so much as she is running for the City of Bloomington in April of 2017.

Renner Announces Re-election Bid

Aug 24, 2016
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The sounds of Connect Transit buses and workers going to lunch in downtown Bloomington were drowned out by a crowd of people in front of the Route 66 Visitor's Center. More than 50 supporters of Mayor Tari Renner weathered the humidity and wind to hear the announcement that he is running for re-election in 2017.