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Two women standing side-by-side wearing 2020 Census t-shirts to promote making sure every McLean County resident is counted.
Colleen Reynolds / WGLT

Filling out the 2020 Census should be something people wear like a badge of honor, sort of like the “I Voted” stickers people sport after they’ve cast their ballots.

Advocates for an accurate census count are claiming a mailer from an anti-immigration group constitutes a “disinformation” campaign. The letter, sent out last fall, calls itself a “Consensus Survey” and asks residents for their views on immigration policy.

State of Bloomington-Normal event
Eric Stock / WGLT

Government leaders in Bloomington-Normal will face some big issues in the new year. Some aren't unique to them, such as legal marijuana and the census, but others like public transportation and the Uptown underpass are.

Demonstrators protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court
J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Illinois is likely to lose at least one and possibly two congressional seats in the 2020 Census because of population loss.

Mary Cullen / WGLT

Despite a conservative ruling, one Republican congressman from Central Illinois is “very disappointed” in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on gerrymandering.

Illinois is continuing to lose population, according to new Census estimates out Wednesday.