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Chapin Rose

McLean County COVID-19 cases
McLean County Health Department

McLean County health officials announced the county’s first confirmed COVID-19 case in four days as the rate of new cases continues to slow.

Dusty Rhodes / NPR Illinois

State Sen. Chapin Rose had what he thought was a no-brainer bill. All he wanted to do was help public universities connect with promising high school juniors by sharing basic data like standardized test scores.

Chapin Rose speaking at podium
Seth Perlman / AP

The Illinois state senator representing much of the area covered by the Mahomet Aquifer says he’s got ideas for a task force looking at ways to protect the Mahomet Aquifer from future accidental contamination. 

Brady, Rose Propose Major Shakeup For Illinois Public Universities

Sep 25, 2017
Judy Neubrander / Twitter

Two lawmakers from central Illinois on Monday proposed an overhaul of the state’s higher education system, making it easier for students to apply to public universities while also putting those schools through new “economic efficiency reviews.”