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Midwest Food Bank
Eric Stock / WGLT

The coronavirus pandemic has taught many people a lesson in supply chain economics, not least of all the Midwest Food Bank.

Jeff Secord
Eric Stock / WGLT

Human service organizations, colleges and universities and other institutions are having to rely more on charitable giving due to uncertain state and federal funding in recent years.

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Direct contributions to the United Way continue to decline as companies nationwide and in McLean County reduce the number of workplace campaigns and allow workers to make individual choices where their money goes.

Habitat for Humanity of McLean County

Habitat for Humanity of McLean County and the local chapter of the International Interior Design Association have teamed up for a local fundraiser like no other.  Artiture is the fine art of giving old furniture a new twist, and giving folks a roof over their heads.  

Ralph Weisheit

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office is asking a state appellate court to hold back enforcement of its ruling on a part of a state law that lets hospitals avoid taxes. The appellate court ruled last month that the state's 2012 charity care law was unconstitutional because it created a tax exemption for hospitals without requiring the properties to be used only for charity purposes. Based on the appellate court's decision, the Champaign County Board of Review voted last week to place the Carle health system and Presence Covenant Medical Center back on the local tax rolls.

Heartland Community College

A life long Bloomington Normal area farmer has left Heartland Community College $1.5 million in his will. The largest ever donation to the community college in Normal comes from the estate of Raymond and Beulah Thompson. Second Cousin Brenda Thompson says they were a simple, unassuming couple who you'd never think of as wealthy.

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal has received a four million dollar surprise. That's the amount an 83 year old man had left for the hospital when he died last April. Kenneth W. Smith was a longtime resident of Normal, though he had never given to Bromenn before.

Salvation Kettle Contains $100 Bills

Dec 23, 2015
Red Kettle donor
Salvation Army / Creative Commons

Early this morning at Bloomington's Salvation Army, the take from the previous day was being tallied up, when someone noticed a $100 bill, and another! Angie Fulton at the Salvation Army says they were put in a kettle yesterday afternoon.