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Climate Change

State Farm HQ building
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State Farm said Tuesday it will cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, with plans to lean more on renewable energy, cut down on paper and fleet vehicles, and incentivize good behavior among its customers.

Michael Retter

When there is a large concentration of birds, disease tends to spread. This winter was an exceptional winter for finches coming down to central Illinois from Canada, and that caused more birds to be at feeders than normal.

American Birding Association magazine editor Michael Retter said the disease most prevalent in McLean County is salmonella.

Man standing on roof watching fire
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Raging California wildfires on one coast and the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history on the other are just two examples of how our climate is changing. It's also changing how the insurance industry prepares for increased risk of property damage and in some cases, in trying to prevent it.

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Last spring students at Illinois State University led a crowd of least 250 in a march through Uptown Normal to demand governments take action to fight climate change.   

Alex Sing

A documentary film about an organic vegetable farmer in Woodford County is now available to a much wider audience.

Man drving forklift at recycling plant
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McLean County residents are wasting less, and that includes a drop in recycling too.

Wind turbines
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Green energy advocates are pushing Illinois lawmakers to back a plan to wean the state off fossil fuels by 2050.

Screen at Normal council meeting
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Normal Town Council members and town staff agreed with an environmental group that the community needs better emergency plans for heat waves and polar vortexes.

Man wearing red and black plaid shirt at a podium with a microphone
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A Woodford County farmer who is the subject of a documentary called “Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm” says biodiversity and adaptability have been the key to surviving the worst weather year in his 26 years of farming.

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Thanks to expected modest economic growth, the City of Bloomington will hold property taxes steady again next year.

Trump speaks to reporters
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Climate change has been a hot-button issue for years, made even hotter by President Trump’s move to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement and roll back Obama-era policies concerning greenhouse gas emissions and coal.

Aozora Brockman hauling produce
Alex Sing

A documentary that depicts a Woodford County vegetable farmer's struggle with climate change is scheduled to play in a sneak preview at the Normal Theater on Wednesday night.

Holding sign at climate strike
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Cries of “Fossil fuels have got to go” rose into the air Friday afternoon as students in bright orange vests held up traffic, waving on at least 250 climate strikers marching through Uptown Normal.

Rivian Amazon van
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The retail giant Amazon announced Thursday it plans to buy 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian as part of a larger effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

Panelists at climate event in Normal
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Real-feel estimates topped out at a sweltering 120 degrees Thursday; the day before, at 114 degrees. If you struggle to remember many days like that when you were a kid, your memory isn’t failing you, speakers at a climate change panel Thursday warned; it is getting hot in here.

sunrise over corn stalks
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Climate change advocates will be presenting a report in Normal that they say presents a stark choice: make major efforts to reduce greenhouse gases or watch temperatures rise to dangerous levels.

International Documentary on Climate Change Educates B-N

Jul 3, 2019

Internationally-known documentary maker and environmentalist Renee Scheltema said "Normal is Over."

Lake Michigan
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An Illinois State University geologist is a lead author in an international study which shows lake ice is disappearing across the Northern hemisphere.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order making Illinois the 18th state to join the Unites States Climate Alliance on Wednesday. The alliance was created when President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris climate change agreement back in 2017. 

National Weather Service
NOAA/National Weather Service

We all know weather forecasters never get the forecast right, except for the 90 percent of the time when they do.  

Naomi Oreskes
Kayana Szymczak

A science historian says climate change deniers are trying to sow confusion and mistrust about science in much the same way the tobacco industry did for decades.

Climate Change Researcher Talks Illinois Impact

Oct 23, 2018
Combine with corn
ABBY WENDLE / Harvest Public media

The impact of climate change on Illinois is a lot more than switching from hot days to cold days.

An international panel on climate change this week warned greenhouse gas emissions will keep increasing if left unchecked and called for urgent action. According to one Illinois scientist, that means frequent heavy rain events and flooding could become the norm.

David J. Phillip / The Associated Press

Many people have been struck by the strength and persistence of Hurricane Harvey, still drenching the Texas Gulf Coast with a record amount of rain recorded in one event in north America.

Bloomington-Normal Mayors Sign Climate Pledge

Jun 9, 2017
Jim Suhr / AP Photo

The community's mayors have signed the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda

Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos and Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner both joined more than 250 other mayors in following the U.N. Paris Climate Accord even though President Trump announced he'd pull the U.S. from pact.

During GLT's Sound Ideas, Koos says cities are "ground zero for action in ameliorating these issues." 

Merlin Mather

U.S. Representative Rodney Davis said the U.S. can still be a climate change leader without the Paris accords.

Critics of the idea of pulling out of the accords on limiting global emissions say they U.S. needs to be engaged with the international community on the issue.

March for

Increasing public doubt of scientific findings is prompting a March for Science in Bloomington-Normal.

ISU biologist Scott Sakaluk says he and other researchers feel alarm as laypeople treat science as opinion-based and political.

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The First Female Prime Minister of Norway says every country should have equal opportunity for men or women to become leaders. 

Speaking during an Adlai E. Stevenson Memorial Lecture Series Master Class at Illinois State University, Dr. Gro Brundtland said she knew as a young girl that she lived in a good democratic country, but it wasn't dealing on equal terms for men and women.

A retired Illinois State University political scientist thinks the next Stevenson Lecturer and Adlai E. Stevenson himself would have agreed on many issues.

Michael Brown / Ecology Action Center

The energy economy is changing in a way that there may be no way to save coal and coal jobs as President Trump has pledged.